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PVC-fenceIf you are wondering what type of fencing is ideal for your home or business, consider PVC fencing. It is easily customized to match the style and colors of your landscape, and it is an excellent choice if you are concerned about safety. West Florida Fence has years of experience with PVC fencing and will get any job done to the highest standards.

West Florida Fence is the number one choice for PVC fencing in the Tampa Bay area. The staff has over 150 years of collective experience, and the business itself has been Tampa Bay’s leading fencing company since 1996. You can trust that you are working with highly skilled experts when you hire West Florida Fence. We are committed to customer service and have earned our reputation through years of customer satisfaction. We will make sure that you get the exact fence you want, and we will install it with the highest precision at an affordable cost.

Why Choose PVC Fencing?

PVC fencing is highly recommended for its versatility and safety. If you are considering a PVC fence for your home or workplace, consider the following advantages of PVC.

Customization: You naturally want your fence to match the décor of your property, and PVC fencing is extremely customizable. It can be painted any color to blend right in with the rest of your landscape. The staff at West Florida Fence will find the right color and style match for you, so that your fence looks like it was part of your property’s original design. We can match our PVC fencing to your gate, garage, pool, or any other area of your property.

Safety: If you are looking for a secure fence, PVC fencing is a great option. High security fences are available in PVC, so if you are looking for a tall, sturdy fence that will keep your home or workplace safe, consider PVC. It is also a wonderful choice if you have children. While wood fences can splinter, PVC fences will stay smooth forever. Your loved ones will never get hurt on a PVC fence.

In addition to countless home fencing projects, West Florida Fence has completed some of the most extensive projects in Tampa Bay. We have installed PVC fencing at sports venues, theme parks, community pools and hotels throughout the area.

We are fully licensed and insured, so there is no limit to what we can do for our customers. We always adhere to the highest safety standards, and we will execute any PVC fencing project that you have in mind. No project is too large or too small.

We also offer PVC garden accents like PVC gazebos, PVC trellises and PVC pergolas. If you have always dreamed of a gazebo in your backyard, we can make that happen for you.

Along with PVC, West Florida Fence offers many other fencing options:

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  • -> Aluminum Fencing
  • -> Steel Fencing
  • -> Chain Link Fencing
  • -> Construction Fencing
  • -> Temporary Fencing
  • -> Swimming Pool Enclosures
  • -> Shade Screens
  • -> Decorative Fencing and Hand Railings
  • -> And more!

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