Fending Plays a Large Role in Resident Safety

Homeowners, business owners, cities, and towns all rely upon fences for different purposes. Homeowners may need fencing to keep their pets safe, maintain privacy from neighbors, or enhance their feeling of safety. Business owners, meanwhile, utilize fencing for security purposes and often even to improve the atmosphere around their venue. In Mount Vernon, Ohio, the city is now funding a fence project to help keep residents and visitors safe.

50904086 - woodland path in worsbrough, yorkshire, englandMount Vernon, Ohio is a 9.6 square mile city that was founded in 1805. Rich in charm, history, and personality, it’s a small town that prides itself on friendly neighbors and personalized service. Mayor Richard K. Mavis welcomes visitors and serves residents to create a city that is a wonderful place to live, visit, work, place, and study. In particular, Mount Vernon is proud of its Kokosing Gap Trail, community parks, and walking paths.

One park in particular, the Ariel-Foundation Park, is the subject of new construction that aims to keep residents and visitors safe. The east lake at Ariel-Foundation park is surrounded by a sidewalk that passes the lake and goes underneath a railroad bridge. Since the walk is so close to the water, Mavis approved a $40,902 Nature Works grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources so that the city can construct a safety fence along the path. (more…)

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Learn What a Temporary Fence Can Do for You

construction-fencingThe state of life is never permanent, and sometimes you need fencing to match. Temporary fencing is the perfect solution for a variety of outdoor events that won’t be there to stay: concerts, sporting events, carnivals, festivals, and even construction sites. This fencing serves as far more than just a boundary.

Prevent Theft

Onlookers are curious, no doubt about it, but some onlookers allow their curiosity to morph into something more criminal. When installed properly, temporary fencing is just as solid and durable as permanent fencing, so it can keep sticky hands far away.

Manage Liabilities (more…)

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Make Your Home Renovation Safer with Temporary Fencing

constructionIf you are getting a new room addition done in your home, or if you’re knocking down a wall or doing some sort of structural work in your home, it’s always a good idea to use temporary fencing. This should be a no-brainer. Security enclosures can help prevent thefts and possible accidents in your home. Whether you’re doing a do-it-yourself project, or you’ve hired a professional contractor, it’s really important for you to carve up the internal and external space of your home to prevent accidents, thefts, or other kinds of losses. Here are just some reasons why you should look into putting up temporary fences or special gates around your home during renovation. (more…)

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Secure Your Event Properly with Temp Fencing

construction-fencingIf you are holding an outdoor an event, you know how important it is to make sure that the premises are well-secured. All sorts of accidents and security issues can take place without the proper boundaries being set by event organizers. It’s very easy for event attendees and visitors to harm themselves or to get into accidents if the premises are unsecured. This is pretty much common sense. Unfortunately, you’d be surprised as to how many event coordinators and even organizers completely missed the memo regarding this.  (more…)

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The Dollars and Sense of Temporary Fencing

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photography-caution-sign-construction-site-image29680087Many companies and individuals may see the need for fencing but don’t want to invest the time and expense immediately. The good news for such frugal companies is that temporary fencing is a readily available and affordable option that virtually any business can apply in order to control boundaries and control crowds while also controlling costs!

Affordability and Flexibility

Is temporary fencing a viable option for you? You may be thinking that a temporary fence would be expensive, but this is not necessarily so. Though permanent fencing in certain situations would be more cost-efficient, there are many scenarios where temporary fencing is clearly the cost-efficient alternative. (more…)

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Is Temporary Fencing a Good Choice for You?

temporaryFinding and installing a fence often seems like a permanent option, but it doesn’t have to be. Temporary fencing can be a great choice for individuals, groups or businesses that need a short-term fencing solution. Whether it’s for crowd control at an event, safety at a building site, or something else, temporary fencing can be a great choice for enclosures.


One of the most common uses for temporary fencing is security or theft deterrence at construction sites or other industrial sites. Especially when a project is spread out across a large area, it’s difficult (and expensive) to have security personnel at every part of the scene 24 hours a day. (more…)

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The Best Use For Temporary Fencing and How It’s Used

Temporary fencing is an alternative to permanent fencing, and can be used for public and private properties. Homes, business and schools, construction sites and concert venues are just a few of the places that temporary fencing can come in handy. Temporary fencing can be used around pools, to keep animals in a confined area, to keep intruders out, and to control crowds. Sporting events, festivals and parades are also perfect examples of situations that can greatly benefit from the versatility of temporary fencing.


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