Common Reasons for Installing a Fence

Reasons for Installing a FenceThe Most Common Reasons for Installing a Fence

There are a lot of different reasons for installing a fence around your property. Sometimes the decision of whether or not to install a fence depends on several factors, such as the requirements of the homeowners’ association or local government requirements, but having a fence can serve many purposes.

Keeping Pets and Children Protected

If you have pets or children, a fenced in yard is a great way to protect them. Your pets will be able to get exercise and have some limited freedom when you have a fenced-in yard. You will also be able to keep a closer eye on your children without having to worry about passing strangers or them wandering off. (more…)

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Swimming Pool Safety: Installing a Fence

Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming Pool Safety: Installing a Fence

There is no question that there is nothing quite more appealing on a hot summer day than taking a nice, cool dip in the pool. However, if you have not installed a child-proof fence, this can lead to serious trouble. Putting a fence up around your pool is a smart move and will prevent children from being able to get to the pool unsupervised. In fact, there are many areas that require this by law. However, do you know what type of fence is best suited for this?

While there are no standard requirements regarding the fence you put up around your swimming pool, there are some guidelines that you can use to ensure that your fence meets the local guidelines and terms and that it will keep your kids safe.

Generally speaking, you should follow these guidelines when constructing the fence around your swimming pool:

  • The Height: A fence that is four feet, or taller.
  • Structure: It needs to be impossible for a child to climb.
  • Type: A permanent type of fencing is the right option due to the durability it offers.
  • Gate: Select a gate that opens outward, away from the actual pool and one that is self-latching and self-closing.


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Inspect Your Fence

Inspect Your Fence

Inspect Your Fence

Remembering to inspect your fence every year can save you time and money. Damage in a fence tends to spread quickly, so it’s important to catch weak spots early before they get out of hand. Inspect your fence at the same time every year to make it a habit.

How to Inspect Your Fence

Walk your entire fence line while looking for damage. While walking, look at the fence from top to bottom, ensuring you see the entire thing. Push it a little to see if it moves, while looking for any weak spots. (more…)

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Fencing Safety

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Fencing Safety

Feeling safe and secure is a basic human desire. Whether you are at home in your bed or sitting at your desk at work, you want to be safe. What can you do to feel safe? There are a number of ways, and one of them is a security fence.

What does a security fence offer?

fencing safety


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