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Increasing security of an old small school by restricting access with a gate or wire mesh fence courtyard asphalt playground.

Benefits And Types Of Fencing For Schools And Educational Facilities

  Benefits And Types Of Fencing For Schools And Educational Facilities   West Florida Fence with headquarters in Tampa specializes in commercial fence and gate installation across Florida and the…

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Commercial Fencing Material Options for Your Business

Commercial Fencing MaterialCommercial Fencing Material Options for Your Business

Choosing a commercial fence for your business can be a difficult decision. With so many commercial fencing material options available, it’s hard to know which one is perfect for your needs and property. In this post, we’ll discuss the different types of commercial fencing materials out there and the benefits of each one:

Chain Link

Chain link is probably the most popular commercial  fencing material for almost all commercial applications. It is time-tested to be strong, durable, and long-lasting with proper care. Chain link comes in all heights and lengths, making it suitable for even very large projects! In addition to traditional galvanized chain links, we also offer vinyl coatings in a variety of colors. Barbed wire, vinyl slats, and even fabrics can be added to enhance the security, privacy, and style of your fencing solution. (more…)

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Benefits of Commercial Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link FencingThe Benefits of Commercial Chain Link Fencing for Your Business

When choosing a fencing material for your business, you have a lot of options. Chain link is one of the most common fencing material options, with a proven track record of reliability, durability, and affordability. It’s no wonder so many business owners use chain link fences to protect their assets! Here’s just a few of the reasons why we think a chain link fence is perfect for many businesses:

  • Chain link fences are secure

Chain link fencing is strong, durable, and have been keeping out unwanted visitors for decades. Consider chain link if you have assets and equipment inside of your business or on your property that you want to keep secure and out of sticky fingers. For extra protection, opt for a tight mesh. (more…)

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Choose Commercial Fence for Your Business

Commercial FenceYour business is likely one of your largest and most precious assets. You’ve surely worked hard to build it from the ground up and regularly invest your time and money back into it to improve your products or services. Perhaps next up on your list of improvements is to install an attractive, yet secure commercial fence, like those we install at West Florida Fence in Tampa Bay. In this article, we’ll discuss how to choose the best commercial fence for your business.

Check all local regulations first

With so many commercial fence options out there, it can be very overwhelming to decide what to choose. In our opinion, start by contacting your local building authority. There may be local regulations or codes in place that restrict what types of fencing or features you are allowed to have at your business location. If wooden fences aren’t allowed where you are, then there’s no reason to research them while shopping. You should also ask about any required permits for erecting a fence in your location. (more…)

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A Fence Conflict Between a Ranch and the Government

fence conflictA Fence Conflict between a Ranch and the Government

As many fence owners learn the hard way, the first and most important step to building a fence is utilizing the proper resources to ensure that the fence will be built in an appropriate location. Homeowners in neighborhoods with close boundaries often struggle with a fence conflict and are forced to strip away fences to meet proper codes, but it turns out that even ranch owners with hundreds of acres of land are even guilty of crossing boundaries.

Wilks Ranch Montana Ltd.

Wilks Ranch Montana Ltd. owns five commercial ranches in five states, including Montana’s historic N Bar Ranch. It is Wilks Ranches’ goal to improve Angus bloodlines with each new calf crop, a goal that they work toward on over half a million acres of ranch land. (more…)

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How to Build Security Fences for Airports

Security Fences for AirportsHow to Build Security Fences for Airports

Most people think of airport security as the long lines leading to metal detectors, body scanners, and x-ray machines used to carefully search for explosives and dangerous weapons on passengers and in luggage headed for an airplane. However, there is much more to airport security than meets the eye. Perimeter security fences for airports, is vital to preventing people from sneaking onto runways or boarding planes without completing the proper clearances. The Associated Press and other news organizations have been busy revealing just how inefficient some airport perimeter fencing is, and how those security gaps have placed passengers at risk.

The Existing Problem

Not too long ago, the Associated Press published an article detailing the security breaches at airports around the country via inefficient security fences for airports. Breaches occur as much as once every 10 days, with some incidences leading to intruders getting deep into secure areas before being caught. One man in Chicago went so far as to toss his bike over a fence at O’Hare airport and ride into a passenger terminal. (more…)

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Top Commercial Fence Uses

Commercial Fence

Top Commercial Fence Uses

Just as fences are extremely popular in neighborhoods for families looking to maintain their property lines and privacy while adding to their curb appeal, fences also enjoy extensive use in the commercial world. From restaurants and theme parks to airports and construction sites, commercial fences serve many integral purposes.

Add a Flash of Elegance

Restaurants, hotels, and other tourist attractions utilize fences not just for their purposes of practicality but also for the aesthetic appeal and elegance they lend to the surrounding environment. (more…)

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Buying a Commercial Premise? Here’s How to Make Sure It is Secure

 Commercial Premise

Buying a Commercial Premise? Here’s How to Make Sure It is Secure

Moving into a new business premises is always an exciting prospect, particularly if it’s due to expansion. It’s a tangible sign that things are going well for your company and that you’re moving up in the world.

However, it’s regrettably also a signal to any thieves in the area that you’re a business to take interest in. And if your premises aren’t suitably well-protected, criminals will take advantage of the fact.

Top Ways to Protect Your Commercial Property

1) Fencing. The most powerful initial deterrent you can invest in is a fence. A strong, sturdy aluminum fence instantly sends a strong message to any thieves that you take your security seriously, plus it can also create an attractive feature around your premises! (more…)

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