Pros and Cons of Different Fence Materials

security-fence-1024x768Buildings all over America have different kinds of fences installed for different purposes. Some are for security and are temporary while others are purely for looks and yet are permanent. When building a new fence, it is important to weigh the differences between the many available types and materials.


Aluminum fences are very sturdy and can be built very high, allowing for much security. They are usually permanent because they are heavy and need to be firmly rooted into the ground to stay in place. Gates attached to aluminum fences usually have an electronic security pad for added protection. Fences made from aluminum are a great option for pools and other semi-public areas that need security enclosures. (more…)

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The Many Applications of Gates

Scarola-GatesFrom construction sites to mansions, gates provide an entryway to many different places. Depending on the location, gates can provide different degrees of aesthetic appeal and security.

Construction Sites

The most basic form of a gate is the one that you would find on a metal fence installation surrounding places like construction sites. These gates swing from two or three points where they attach the rest of the fence, allowing for quick operation. Most include minimal security measures such as a hole on the latch allowing for a padlock.

Metal gates like this are usually temporary and need to be big enough for power tools and equipment to get through. The convenient part about gates like this is that they are easy to remove and transport and are able to be set up just about anywhere. (more…)

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The Benefits of New Fence Installation

board-on-board-picture-framedMost homeowners have a fence built around their property, but if you do not or if your fence is aging, it may be time to consider installing a new fence. Added security and increased property value are just a couple reasons why a new fence can add so much to your home.

Increased Security

Homes without fences around them are completely open to the outside world. This means that anyone or anything could enter your property with little to no effort involved. People who live in a suburban area where they know their neighbors may feel less concerned about this fact, but if someone were to walk into their backyard and steal their patio furniture, they might change their minds. (more…)

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Liability and Pool Fences: What’s Your Risk?

pool fenceMany animals are born with the ability to swim, but humans must learn and practice to be able to swim with ease. Drowning in a pool of water is a major cause of accidental deaths for children under the age of 14 years. It’s therefore important to teach them how to swim earlier, because as they grow older they are more likely to be around water when you are not present, like during school trips. Swimming is an essential life skill to master to give you peace of mind when your child is away. If you know how to swim, you can save a pet or someone’s life.

Swimming is an enjoyable way to workout, strengthening the entire body from the legs and arms. As kids are kicking, pushing and pulling through the water, a lot of muscles are working at the same time. You’ll be surprised to learn that children perform better in schools if they practice swimming regularly. Scientific studies have reported that kids who swam during their developmental years score higher in subjects that test both mental and physical capacities, than those who don’t know how to swim. (more…)

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Good Fences Make Beautiful Gardens

garden fenceMost people don’t have to choose garden fencing on a regular basis, once installed a fence can last many years before it needs renewing, but when the time comes to choose a garden fence, your choice can be critical to achieving privacy and enhancing the enjoyment you can get from your garden. Some fences look great, others have more utilitarian appeal. One of the things that will add aesthetics to your garden is fencing panels. You can use different length of panels to boarder the garden so that the flower beds and the grass both look good. There many options available when you choose to bring in fences.

There are many choices of garden fences on the market today. You need to be aware of the pros and cons for each of them. One thing that you need to look at is how high and wide you need the fence to be, so you don’t get any intruders into your garden.

Putting up your garden fence is something that you can do on your own. It is not going to take much in order to protect your garden. You can put up wire, plastic or wood depending on the type that you like the most. Usually each one can be put in with a few posts and a little hard work.  (more…)

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Smart Hiring: The Importance of Using a Bonded, Insured Contractor

West-Florida-Fence-LogoHiring a bonded and insured contractor to handle your property projects comes with many benefits. The risks involved in hiring an uninsured contractor are also very high, including being subject to lawsuit. Bonds are types of insurance policies that protect the owner. This means that when a contractor fails to complete a project as required, the bond provides compensation to the owner of the property.

Following are the reasons why it is important to hire a bonded, insured contractor. (more…)

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Construction Site Security: The Dangers of Falling Objects

construction-fencingConstruction sites are very dangerous and a minor mistake can lead to major injuries to pedestrians and construction workers. The injured persons can sue the construction company, thus leading to lengthy, expensive lawsuits. It is the responsibility of a construction company to keep the construction site safe, otherwise they are exposed to claims of negligence.

It is the duty of the construction company to use barricades to limit access to the site. Pedestrians should keep a safe distance from construction sites to prevent injuries. It is the duty of the construction company to post warning signs to all access points in the site. It should also ensure that all workers at the sites have protective gear such as face shields and hard hats. The construction company should ensure that the site is closed at night, inspect construction equipment properly, train workers on the safe use of equipment and machinery, secure materials on cords and hooks properly and ensure that it uses safety devices to prevent falling debris and objects such as tool guards, brace structures, catch platforms and debris nets. (more…)

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Keeping Your Family Safe with Pool Fencing

PoolIf you enjoy the use of a back yard pool, or if anyone in your family does so, it would be a good idea to take a few moments to look at the safety set up of the pools you use. This inspection is particularly critical if there are young children in the immediate family, or  in the extended family that visits occasionally, or even in the neighborhood. (more…)

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On the Fence about Fencing?

Vinyl-Fence-Tampa-1024x768If you are on the fence about whether to install a new fence or update an old one, perhaps it is time to consider the many benefits of a classy and updated new fence for your home and property.

Fencing can provide security and privacy as well as beautifying your property. With multiple materials from which to choose, there is no home that can’t be matched to the right fence, and no homeowner that can’t be matched to the fencing option that best suits their needs.

Classic choices of fencing include wooden picket or privacy fences and ornamental metal fences. Even within those categories, a homeowner can choose from many styles of fence, many colors, and many finishes. (more…)

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Why You Should Consider Installing a Security Gate

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GateAny homeowner you come across is always going to be concerned about security. Home security is essential and can do wonders for you in the long run. Regardless of what other people may be telling you, a security gate can come in very handy. But it begs the question, why install a security gate anyway when you have other features like alarm systems to keep you and your home safe? Here are a few reasons why:

Enhanced Security

One of the primary benefits of installing a security gate is of course the security. Such a gate will keep intruders out where they belong, all the while keeping you and your family safe inside. Moreover, such gates are constructed using a variety of materials, you can always opt for a steel gate instead, simply because they are impenetrable, thus making the task of breaking in harder than it already was.  What is even more interesting is that since these gates are sturdy and stable, you can consider installing CCTV cameras as well. (more…)

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