Invisible Fences Aren’t Always the Best Pet Solutions

dogInvisible fences have become very popular in the past years for homeowners looking to contain their dogs without installing an entire physical fence system. But as many dog owners can tell you, the invisible fences are hardly reliable and they actually have many downfalls. If you are debating the best way to keep your dog safe but happy, while still helping your yard look attractive, a professionally installed fence is the best way to go.

The Downfalls of Invisible Fences

Invisible fences are also called wireless or electric fences, and they work with a wire installed around the perimeter of your yard. The wire is set to emit radio signals that are sent to your dog’s collar, and when Fido steps too close to the invisible boundary, his collar beeps a warning. If your dog ignores the warning beep and gets even closer, he receives a small shock to discourage him from crossing. (more…)

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Changing Fences with Changing Times

the white houseThe White House, along with the Statue of Liberty, is the ultimate symbol of American patriotism. Every day, thousands and thousands of people flock to Pennsylvania Avenue to look at the famous building where the President lives and conducts business that determines the success and wealth of the American people. But not all visitors arrive at the White House with the best of intentions, and White House security is trying to keep up.

The White House fence is currently about seven feet tall, and plenty of people have taken advantage of its unintimidating height to jump over. There are a plethora of news stories proclaiming, “Man Jumps White House Fence, Gets Tackled!” or “White House Fence Jumper Released from Custody.” Only one month ago a man threw his backpack over the fence, jumped the fence, and was immediately arrested by the Secret Service. (more…)

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The Symbol of the White Picket Fence

fence white picketA white picket fence is more than just an assembly of wood used to outline a home’s lawn.  In America, the white picket fence has become an icon since its early use during the colonial era.

Practical Use of the White Picket Fence

On the practical side, a white picket fence is an attractive way to keep children and pets in the yard without blocking the new from the road. Most white picket fences aren’t more than four feet tall in order to maintain an open yard feeling. A horizontal top rail and bottom rail are easily attached to fence posts and installed into the ground for a symmetric and uniform appearance. Throughout history these fences were constructed of wood and painted white, but today other non-wood options like vinyl and PVC have also become popular. (more…)

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Don’t Let Droughts Impact Your Fence-Side Landscaping

fence landscapingNothing can transform the appearance of a yard quite like a fence, except a fence that has beautiful landscaping planted strategically around it. For Florida home and business owners, intense summer heat and frequent water shortages can lead to difficult and even disastrous landscaping. It’s a prudent choice to plan fence-side landscaping that can endure long, dry summers while still looking gorgeous.


Lavender is one of the most iconic flowering plants, and it’s a happy coincidence that Lavender is extremely self-sufficient in hot and dry growing conditions. Not only will the aroma of these flowers help you feel calm and relaxed, but their blue, purple, and pink colors will look stunning lining your backyard fence. Lavender’s most amazing quality is its ability to tolerate very poor soil. This plant can even grow in sand and gravel! (more…)

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Top Commercial Fence Uses

perimeter-fenceJust as fences are extremely popular in neighborhoods for families looking to maintain their property lines and privacy while adding to their curb appeal, fences also enjoy extensive use in the commercial world. From restaurants and theme parks to airports and construction sites, fences serve many integral purposes.

Add a Flash of Elegance

Restaurants, hotels, and other tourist attractions utilize fences not just for their purposes of practicality but also for the aesthetic appeal and elegance they lend to the surrounding environment. (more…)

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Snazz Up Your Chain Link Fence with These Tricks

security-fence-1024x768There’s no denying that chain link fences are practical. They’re affordable, easy to install, and even easier to maintain. However, chain link fences don’t always carry the aesthetic appeal of decorative aluminum or rustic wood.

Rather than admit defeat, using these strategies can transform your chain link fence into a lovely addition to your yard.

Flowering Vines and Plants

Who doesn’t love a beautiful flowering vine? Morning Glory, Honeysuckle, and Wisteria are all stunning and will make your chain link fence look more like a gardening masterpiece than a collection of metal. English and Boston ivy also get the job done with their hardy evergreen nature. Not only will ivy cover your fence, but it will add a splash of color during the winter and provide a backdrop for any other gardening you choose to do. (more…)

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Your Spring Cleaning Fence Checklist

Semi-Private PVC Fence
Semi-Private PVC Fence

When the winter finally ends and makes way for warm and balmy spring weather, there’s quite a bit for you to do! Other than jumping in puddles and digging out your short sleeved shirts, it’s also time for spring cleaning. If you love to keep your home immaculate and organized, then you’re probably excited by the prospect of a full spring cleaning to meet a new season with a freshly prepared interior. But you can’t forget to spring clean the outside of your home either, especially your fence!

The most popular types of fence have quickly become vinyl and aluminum because they’re low maintenance, decorative, inexpensive, and durable. Since vinyl and aluminum are not porous surfaces, they don’t absorb moisture or other elements that would diminish its quality. However, no fence is 100 percent hands-off, so even vinyl and aluminum require some spring cleaning effort to clear off the dirt, algae, and grime that has accumulated. (more…)

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Learn What a Temporary Fence Can Do for You

construction-fencingThe state of life is never permanent, and sometimes you need fencing to match. Temporary fencing is the perfect solution for a variety of outdoor events that won’t be there to stay: concerts, sporting events, carnivals, festivals, and even construction sites. This fencing serves as far more than just a boundary.

Prevent Theft

Onlookers are curious, no doubt about it, but some onlookers allow their curiosity to morph into something more criminal. When installed properly, temporary fencing is just as solid and durable as permanent fencing, so it can keep sticky hands far away.

Manage Liabilities (more…)

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How to Choose the Best Fence for Your Home

Vinyl-Fence-Tampa-1024x768If you’ve decided it’s time to add a fence onto your property, you may be puzzling over which type of fence will provide the best exterior design while also providing adequate security. If you live in a neighborhood with strict Home Owner’s Association rules, the choice may already be made for you. If you can select any type of fence you’d like, you have many options open for your consideration!

Aluminum. Aluminum is basic, attractive, and low-maintenance. However, it’s not as strong as other fence materials and isn’t recommended for areas at risk of severe weather. Aluminum also isn’t the best in terms of security. While it certainly provides property separation and an inherent level of privacy, it isn’t the right choice if security is your top priority. (more…)

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Proof that Safety Fences Serve a Purpose

security-fence-1024x768As towns, cities, homes, and buildings are constructed closer and closer together, fences have become commonplace to serve as barriers, forms of privacy, and even measures of security. The job of fences to provide security in particular has generated some rather interesting news stories.

For example, Charlie Kimball brought an IndyCar Series event to a terrified halt in 2015 when his car snapped, became airborne, and flew into the fence built specifically to catch out-of-control cars.  Kimball was able to leverage the fence to slow his car down and spin out of the crash to avoid any major injuries. Although he had to drive the rest of the race in a backup, he managed to escape with only a bruise and one cut on his chin! (more…)

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