A Fence Conflict between a Ranch and the Government

35064536 - ranch fence row countryside rural california mt shastaAs many fence owners learn the hard way, the first and most important step to building a fence is utilizing the proper resources to ensure that the fence will be built in an appropriate location. Homeowners in neighborhoods with close boundaries often struggle with this and are forced to strip away fences to meet proper codes, but it turns out that even ranch owners with hundreds of acres of land are even guilty of crossing boundaries.

Wilks Ranch Montana Ltd.

Wilks Ranch Montana Ltd. owns five commercial ranches in five states, including Montana’s historic N Bar Ranch. It is Wilks Ranches’ goal to improve Angus bloodlines with each new calf crop, a goal that they work toward on over half a million acres of ranch land. (more…)

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The Most Important Qualities in a Fence Contractor

contractYou have probably heard the horror stories of criminals who pose as fence contractors, collect a hefty deposit from unsuspecting homeowners in need of a fence, and then disappear into the night to rip off another innocent customer. The fact that this happens at all is scary, and makes it all the more important for you to pick a truly reliable and honest contractor when you begin your next fencing project. To ensure that you are in good hands and your money will be used to complete the fence that you have envisioned, double check that your chosen fence contractor meets all of these qualifications.

Bonded: Many people hear this term but aren’t entirely sure why it is so significant. If your fence contractor is bonded, it means that he offers a guarantee of performance and can protect against any losses that occur due to the actions of his employees. It can be seen as a warranty in essence, and many contractors will even offer to make changes for free if you are not satisfied with the end result. (more…)

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Protective Fences in the Community

7468555 - dirt road at island park idahoIf you stop for a second to consider the role of fences in your community, you’ll notice that fences surround countless homes, businesses, and commercial enterprises. These fences may serve aesthetic, practical, or security purposes, or a combination thereof, which is why fences are available in such a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. However, it’s also common for fences to protect humans and wildlife alike from unpredictable dangers.

Fences to Protect Drivers

Depending on where you live, you might on a daily basis drive down roads that have been paved through rocky mountainsides. For motorists along Redbud Trail in Texas, in particular, the roads are often the destination of dangerous falling debris. The high winds in the area, combined with heavy rains that loosen rocks along the cliffs, made the simple act of driving between Lake Austin Boulevard and Redbud Isle a risky choice. (more…)

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How to Build Fencing Secure Enough for Airports

fence airportMost people think of airport security as the long lines leading to metal detectors, body scanners, and x-ray machines used to carefully search for explosives and dangerous weapons on passengers and in luggage headed for an airplane. However, there is much more to airport security than meets the eye. Perimeter security fencing, for example, is vital to preventing people from sneaking onto airport runways or boarding planes without completing the proper clearances. The Associated Press and other news organizations have been busy revealing just how inefficient some airport perimeter fencing is, and how those security gaps have placed passengers at risk.

The Existing Problem

Not too long ago, the Associated Press published an article detailing the security breaches at airports around the country via inefficient perimeter fencing. Breaches occur as much as once every 10 days, with some incidences leading to intruders getting deep into secure areas before being caught. One man in Chicago went so far as to toss his bike over a fence at O’Hare airport and ride into a passenger terminal. (more…)

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Why Fencing So Frequently Causes Controversy

fence partyNot all fences are idyllic white picket fences that wrap around suburban homes; there are many fences that actually make headlines because of the controversy they cause. These stories just emphasize how important it is to carefully consider the type and placement of any fence, as well as the fencing company, before work begins.

Deception and Theft

When the Zehr family chose McMurphy’s Fencing to install a $2,000 vinyl and chain link fence to keep a retention pond gator away from their dogs, they trusted the company’s claims of quality craftsmanship and work ethic. Mr. and Mrs. Zehr even agreed to pay $1,100 up front upon signing the contract with the company’s owner and employee, Jacob McMurphy. (more…)

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Invisible Fences Aren’t Always the Best Pet Solutions

dogInvisible fences have become very popular in the past years for homeowners looking to contain their dogs without installing an entire physical fence system. But as many dog owners can tell you, the invisible fences are hardly reliable and they actually have many downfalls. If you are debating the best way to keep your dog safe but happy, while still helping your yard look attractive, a professionally installed fence is the best way to go.

The Downfalls of Invisible Fences

Invisible fences are also called wireless or electric fences, and they work with a wire installed around the perimeter of your yard. The wire is set to emit radio signals that are sent to your dog’s collar, and when Fido steps too close to the invisible boundary, his collar beeps a warning. If your dog ignores the warning beep and gets even closer, he receives a small shock to discourage him from crossing. (more…)

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Changing Fences with Changing Times

the white houseThe White House, along with the Statue of Liberty, is the ultimate symbol of American patriotism. Every day, thousands and thousands of people flock to Pennsylvania Avenue to look at the famous building where the President lives and conducts business that determines the success and wealth of the American people. But not all visitors arrive at the White House with the best of intentions, and White House security is trying to keep up.

The White House fence is currently about seven feet tall, and plenty of people have taken advantage of its unintimidating height to jump over. There are a plethora of news stories proclaiming, “Man Jumps White House Fence, Gets Tackled!” or “White House Fence Jumper Released from Custody.” Only one month ago a man threw his backpack over the fence, jumped the fence, and was immediately arrested by the Secret Service. (more…)

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The Symbol of the White Picket Fence

fence white picketA white picket fence is more than just an assembly of wood used to outline a home’s lawn.  In America, the white picket fence has become an icon since its early use during the colonial era.

Practical Use of the White Picket Fence

On the practical side, a white picket fence is an attractive way to keep children and pets in the yard without blocking the new from the road. Most white picket fences aren’t more than four feet tall in order to maintain an open yard feeling. A horizontal top rail and bottom rail are easily attached to fence posts and installed into the ground for a symmetric and uniform appearance. Throughout history these fences were constructed of wood and painted white, but today other non-wood options like vinyl and PVC have also become popular. (more…)

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Don’t Let Droughts Impact Your Fence-Side Landscaping

fence landscapingNothing can transform the appearance of a yard quite like a fence, except a fence that has beautiful landscaping planted strategically around it. For Florida home and business owners, intense summer heat and frequent water shortages can lead to difficult and even disastrous landscaping. It’s a prudent choice to plan fence-side landscaping that can endure long, dry summers while still looking gorgeous.


Lavender is one of the most iconic flowering plants, and it’s a happy coincidence that Lavender is extremely self-sufficient in hot and dry growing conditions. Not only will the aroma of these flowers help you feel calm and relaxed, but their blue, purple, and pink colors will look stunning lining your backyard fence. Lavender’s most amazing quality is its ability to tolerate very poor soil. This plant can even grow in sand and gravel! (more…)

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Top Commercial Fence Uses

perimeter-fenceJust as fences are extremely popular in neighborhoods for families looking to maintain their property lines and privacy while adding to their curb appeal, fences also enjoy extensive use in the commercial world. From restaurants and theme parks to airports and construction sites, fences serve many integral purposes.

Add a Flash of Elegance

Restaurants, hotels, and other tourist attractions utilize fences not just for their purposes of practicality but also for the aesthetic appeal and elegance they lend to the surrounding environment. (more…)

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