Differences and Similarities Between Vinyl and Composite Fences

When it comes to your fencing, you have a lot of options. You can get metal fencing, cast iron fencing, wood fencing, vinyl fencing, or composite fencing. Two of the most popular types of fencing are vinyl and composite. Both are preferable over wood as they are more durable and have other added benefits, but there are some similarities and differences between them. Here’s what you need to know.


Both vinyl and composite fences were designed to be stronger, more durable, and require less maintenance than wood fences. Both vinyl and composite fences are low maintenance, requiring no painting and only very occasional cleaning. They are also both resistant to rot and insect damage. Both types of fencing are preferred over straight wood fence. (more…)

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Three Types of Gates and When to Use Them

  • Gates

If you have a larger property, either residential or commercial, chances are you will need a fence with a gate. There are many different types of gates that can be installed depending on the type of security you need and the type of fencing that you have. While a simple gate might be appropriate for a smaller property, large family homes, condos, or commercial buildings may need additional security. Here are three types of gates and when to use them.

Sliding or Swinging Gates

Your basic gate will either slide out of the way of traffic, or it will swing open and closed. We handle all types of sliding or swinging gates, big or small, and can match your gate to your fencing. Most buildings and homes can benefit from a sliding or swinging gate. If you don’t need much security or if you simply want to deter passersby from coming in, this basic gate is usually sufficient. (more…)

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Wood Vs. Vinyl Fencing: Which Is Right for You?

When it comes time to fence your home, you have a lot of options. Chain link, aluminum, ornamental, wood, and vinyl are the primary types of fence that are available to you. Most people choose either wood or vinyl fencing because it works well for privacy as well as aesthetics. When choosing between wood and vinyl fencing, there are a few things to consider. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Durability and Maintenance

When it comes to durability and maintenance, vinyl fencing wins hands down. Vinyl fencing can withstand the weather, pests, and other hazards that can cause wood fencing to need repairs or treatments. Wood fencing needs to occasionally be painted or refinished, but vinyl fencing will look as good on day one as it does four years later without any maintenance at all. (more…)

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Planning to Buy an Invisible Fence? Think Again


You love your dog, but you don’t love when he escapes from your yard and runs loose through your neighborhood. Many homeowners are tempted to solve this type of problem by installing an invisible fence, but the truth is that invisible fences pose far more consequences than benefits. The true solution to keeping your dog safe in your yard is the construction of a sturdy and attractive physical fence.

Invisible Fences Pose Many Problems

Invisible fences, also called wireless or electric fences, function with a wire installed around the perimeter of your yard. The wire is set to emit radio signals that are sent to your dog’s collar. When your pup steps too close to the invisible boundary, his collar beeps a warning. If your dog ignores the warning beep and gets even closer, he receives a small shock to discourage him from crossing. (more…)

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3 Instances that Call for Temporary Fencing

The majority of fences that are built on residential properties are permanent fences that offer important features like added security, curb appeal, and privacy for homeowners. However, there are other very important uses for fences that only require temporary structures to be put in place.

Construction Site

Construction sites are definitely not open to the public, and temporary fencing offers the perfect way to give workers privacy and keep foot traffic from impeding upon a construction project. There are many different materials that can be used to build effective and durable temporary construction fencing, including PVC, aluminum, and chain link. It is even possible to install security gates if a construction project needs to be kept secure from intruders. (more…)

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Have You Always Wanted Vines on Your Fence? This Guide Will Help

We can all picture that one fence down the road or across town that is stunning in its beauty and elegance. Whether it is a white picket fence, a large and ornamental iron fence, or anything in between, the right fence has a way of drawing attention to the property around it and creating a sense of beauty and appeal. If you want to achieve that effect with your own fence, consider learning how to plant climbing vines and flowering plants that will enliven and transform the appearance of your fence. (more…)

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Clever Ways to Accentuate Your Backyard Fence

If your backyard fence is looking a bit tired and worn down, the summer is the perfect time to give it a facelift. This doesn’t mean that you need to replace your entire fence or spend a fortune remodeling. It simply means that you need to get creative and find unique ways to accentuate your existing fence and bring out its best qualities.

Paint… Just Not a Solid Color!

A fresh coat of paint is one of the cheapest and easiest DIY fixes, but you could spruce up your backyard fence by using paint in a less traditional way. Rather than painting your entire wooden fence white or brown, you can paint a large design onto your fence, like a tree or open landscape. This unique use of paint will totally transform the look and feel of your yard and fence alike, and it will draw attention away from any minor imperfections that your fence has accumulated over the years. (more…)

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These Fence Ideas Will Instantly Boost Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is one of the most powerful traits that your home can possess. The way that visitors and neighbors perceive your home from the street dramatically influences their overall impression of you and your property. However, maintaining your curb appeal can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if you are busy with other important responsibilities and don’t always have the time to maintain your landscaping. A fence is the perfect way to boost your curb appeal with minimal effort, and the following ideas might inspire you to invest in a fence of your own. (more…)

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Is Metal the Best Choice for Your Fence?

While the white picket fence has always conjured images of quaint suburban life, plenty of homeowners have embraced metal fencing that offers unique benefits in both appearance and functionality. Read on, and you might discover that metal is the best choice for your property fence as well.

Becoming a Part of History

Wrought ironwork, meaning hand-shaped iron, was popular among the wealthiest Americans during colonial times. They paid steep prices to equip their brick and stone townhouses with beautiful iron fences. By the 19th century, blacksmithing became a domestic profession and more homeowners were able to embellish their homes with ornamental iron fences. In today’s modern economy, wrought iron fences are still available, but many homeowners prefer to use steel or weatherproof aluminum to create more durable versions of colonial wrought iron. (more…)

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