Wood is Cheap but Is It Reliable for Your Fence?

1J0A5984 copyWood is currently the most commonly used material in building fences. It tends to beat out aluminum, vinyl and others because of its cheap cost and common availability. However, regular maintenance and a limited life have some people who plan to build a fence around their property wondering if wood is the way to go. As with any material used in building, there are always advantages and disadvantages to using wood for your fence. (more…)

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How High is Too High to Build Your Fence?

high fenceSo, you are thinking about building a fence around your property. Before you get all excited about having your own private fortress of solitude, you must remember state and local laws have a play in everything you do, even if it is your own land. One of those requirements is fence height, so what is the acceptable height of a property fence?

In most residential areas, local laws tend to keep the height of backyard fences to around six feet. In front yards, fences usually have a limit of four feet. As with most decisions on the matter, height restrictions can apply to natural fences such as bushes and shrubs. (more…)

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Inspect Your Fence

1J0A5984 copyRemembering to inspect your fence every year can save you time and money. Damage in a fence tends to spread quickly, so it’s important to catch weak spots early before they get out of hand. Inspect your fence at the same time every year to make it a habit.

How to Inspect Your Fence

Walk your entire fence line while looking for damage. While walking, look at the fence from top to bottom, ensuring you see the entire thing. Push it a little to see if it moves, while looking for any weak spots. (more…)

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Different Types of Fences

wood-fenceThere are many reasons for choosing to fence in your yard. How do you know which type of material to build the fence from? First, you must look at the different types of fencing and the roles they play. From there, you can make a better decision about the materials used to build the fence.


Fencing enclosures are to keep something in, normally children, pets, or both. The main goal is for them not to get out. A tall and sturdy fence is best suited to keep both children and pets in the yard. A good choice is a chain link fence or cedar fence. (more…)

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Should You Buy a Cedar Fence?

cedar fenceCedar fences are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. If you are trying to decide if a fence is right for you, check out the many benefits of a having a cedar fence. There are many benefits to a cedar fence making it the perfect type of fencing for the Florida weather.

Benefits of a Cedar Fence

One of the benefits of a cedar fence is that it can withstand large amounts of rain. (more…)

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How to Clean a Wooden Fence

wood fenceFrom time to time, wooden fences need to be cleaned to keep their original beauty. Mold, grease, dirt, and other outdoor materials cling to fences over time, making them look less than pretty. With the right products, wooden fences are easy to clean and maintain while restoring the original look.

The Easiest Way

A pressure washer is the easiest way to clean a wooden fence. Just set it on the lighter setting and spray the fence down. Pressure washers are available to rent or buy, depending on how much you plan on using it. However, pressure washers are not the only way to clean your wooden fence. (more…)

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Tips for Tearing Down an Unsightly Fence

constructionThe last thing you want on your residential or commercial property is an unsightly fence. And old fence not only decreases your privacy and protection, but it can also decrease your property value as well. Tearing down an old fence is quite simple, but there are several factors you must consider in order for the project to be completed successfully. By following our guide, the old fence on your property will be gone in no time! Most of the factors you should consider are safety and legal issues. (more…)

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How to Keep Your Wood Fence Looking Brand New

1J0A5984 copyAlthough your wooden fence is treated with special chemicals to ensure its longevity, there are many proactive measures that you can take to make sure your fence lasts for many years. By following the steps in this guide, we will show you how best to care for your wooden fence and maintain its beauty and purpose at all times. (more…)

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How to Get a Chain Link Fence Ready for Installation

chain link fenceThere are many different varieties of chain-link fences on the market. What is important for this guide is to understanding the different parts of a fence: the line post cap, end post cap, top rail, rail caps, tension band, tie wire, line post, tension wire, corner post, and tension bar. In order for the guide to be of service to you, please consult the Internet to become familiar with these fence components. Remember to wear proper protective gear before starting any fence installation. (more…)

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Advantages to Owning a Fence

privacy-fenceWhen buying a residential or commercial property, you should consider investing in perimeter fencing. Because your home will probably be the most important investment in your life, you should consider the benefits of owning a fence.  Not all fences are designed to achieve your desired effect—some are more decorative in nature and others are meant to keep unwanted traffic out. There are four basic fence types available on the market: PVC Vinyl fencing, wood and wood panel, ornamental Aluminum, and chain link and wire fencing.  Depending on your needs, one type of fence is more practical than the other. (more…)

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