Construction Site Work

Your residential and commercial needs may extend far beyond fencing. We’re proud to share our affiliation with FGS Group, our sister company handling environmental contracting and construction, industrial and waste services, emergency and disaster response, petroleum cleanup, and a wide variety of other technical environmental services.

Construction Services – Excavation and Earthwork

Our construction services team can handle all of your excavation and earthwork needs. Our experienced staff will work hard to execute environmentally friendly and economically sound excavations at both small and large sites, ranging from gas stations to industrial facilities. Our services include contaminated soil excavation (including transportation and disposal), surgical contamination removal, landfill and buried debris excavation, shoring system installation, vacuum excavation, and site construction or reconfiguration.

Demolition and Site Clearing

Every member of our site demolition and clearing team is OSHA HAZWOPER certified and will work hard to maintain the integrity of every demolition site. We use highly specialized segregation techniques to make sure the removal of debris has the least impact possible on the environment. Site projects range in size, from small residential projects to large industrial sites. Each project is carefully studied to take the terrain, vegetation, density, and other environmental concerns into consideration. Our skilled operators will then use the appropriate machinery to clear the site. We can also mulch any cleared vegetation so that it can be used elsewhere or left in place to protect the ground from future erosion.

Dewatering & Treatment System Installation

FGS can also install, operate, and maintain specialized dewatering and treatment systems. We will cover the process from the very beginning, including the obtainment of the proper permits from your locality. The process also includes the dewatering and treatment system installation, ensuring a proper connection to the appropriate discharge location, the operation of your system, any appropriate maintenance, and the appropriate monitoring, sampling, and reporting of your discharge.

FGS, like West Florida Fence, is an integrity based company. We work hard to offer you the highest quality service at the fairest price possible. With over 150 years of experience, The FGS group strives to protect each and every client.

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